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Where the Pros go for rock solid reliability and incredible power for their DAWs! Call 513-325-5329 or email for custom orders. 

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>24/96 Recording and Mixing with lots of edits, plug-ins

>24+Tracks Recording and Mixing, some Plug-ins

>Basic Audio Recording/Multimedia

>Micro SATA Groove Machines

>Groove Machine Ultra Laptop


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Why buy a Groove Machine?

Good question. We understand you want the highest quality machine that will provide you with years of reliable service while still getting the best value for your $bucks$. To use a carpenter's analogy, in order to build a house that's strong, you need great materials, the experience to design and build it right, and the right people to build it. 

Most computers available from non-music savvy computer retailers may seem cheap initially, but upon closer examination you realize that many of the components are not up to the task of recording and mixing music in today's multi-track, mega-edited, plug-in-based environment. You will find your machine choking on the amount of data required to keep things moving along. 

Buying from us NOW will save you money in the long run. Plus, we support what we sell. 

The Materials: We use the Best, Tried and True Technology:

Not just the latest whiz-bang technology, but technology that makes sense for the demanding music production environment:

Fast, Ultra Quiet hard drives and "whisper quiet" power supplies and fans to keep the noise floor extremely low.

Motherboard, Processor and Memory components that are perfectly matched to what makes sense for YOUR working environment.

Windows XP Pro operating system optimization that allows you to get the absolute MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE and reliability from your DAW.

Interfacing capabilities that are important to today's musician and studio including USB 2.0, Firewire, and LAN connections.

Maximum Performance Configuration for ALL systems. This means keeping data traffic off of the PCI bus when possible and utilizing the motherboard for MAXIMUM THROUGHPUT from your DAW. It's the best way we know of to have a trouble-free recording, mixing, absolute-screaming DAW.

Built-in back up capacity. Our machines have been designed for easy backup to hard drive or removable media (CD-R or DVD-R). That way, the project can begin or end with you and you're compatible with all the other DAW's out there. Plus, you can have peace of mind that you have a backup of a session just in case of the worst case scenario. So don't worry, we've been there, and we'll set you up!

We have the Experience to build it right:

We've built hundreds of these machines. All of the configurations of DAW's we build have been used and improved by our team on projects and tweaked to perfection. We constantly test new configurations to achieve optimum performance from our DAW's.

The right people:

The DAW designers and assemblers in the Groove Machine Labs have over 60 years combined experience building computer systems for clients just like you. And we're also musicians that are constantly looking for proven technology to help in our own recording studios. We find what works best and then pass this experience on to you, so you get a great machine for your needs.