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Where the Pros go for rock solid reliability and incredible power for their DAWs! Call 513-325-5329 or email for custom orders. 

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Technical Support

Please check out our FAQ for common questions and answers.

In addition, fee-based technical support for all music computers, regardless of brand, is available from the DAWSTORE experts.

Technical Support Services:

See our Services page for details and a special offer to Groove MachineTM customers.

Phone: 513-325-5329 available 9-6 EST/EDT M-F

Appointments welcome!

Groove Machine Manuals:

Download here (pdf format) GM Manual 1.1.pdf

Warranty Information:

You can get full warranty information on our warranty page

Windows Vista 32-bit/64-bit
At this time, we recommend that you do not install Windows Vista on your Groove Machine without contacting our Service department first for advice. Too much pain, not enough gain.

Windows XP Updates:

Windows XP SP3 -
Currently, only your delivery SP-level is supported under warranty. At this time, upgrading to SP3 is not supported on Groove Machine TM PCs. It is recommended you NOT upgrade to SP3 due to numerous issues attributable to this upgrade including rendering PCs unable to boot requiring a complete OS re-install. Service requests due to problems relating to SP3 updates will be charged at our standard service rates.

Windows XP SP2 Firewire 800 Patch
Only install this patch if you have a Firewire 800 interface and want to use a Firewire 800 device such as the Fire Port 800 Rack, Fire Port 800 Portable, RME Fireface 800, etc. If you have a Firewire 400 device, and it is functioning properly, you do not need to install this patch.

General Statement for Groove Machine owners-

To ensure that the performance of your Groove Machine TM is kept at it's maximum , we highly recommend that you use a separate PC for Web Browsing, E-mail, program updates, etc., and dedicate your Groove Machine TM for audio/video production work only.

If you must use your Groove Machine
TM for these tasks, be sure to perform all Windows Updates and apply all HIGH-PRIORITY/CRITICAL UPDATES only.  In addition, you will want to utilize our links to recommended software below. Anti-virus and Spyware removal software is a must in this case.

If you have kept your Groove Machine
TM off of the Internet, we recommend the following updates:

None recommended at this time. If you are running XP SP1, SP1a, or SP2, DO NOT UPGRADE TO SP3. SP3 versions of XP are not supported at this time.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Some handy keyboard shortcuts while using Windows XP Pro:

  • Press the Windows Logo Key will open the Start Menu
  • Press the Windows Logo Key + M to minimize all Windows
  • Press the Windows Logo Key + E to get to My Computer 
  • Press the Windows Logo Key + F to open the Search Window
  • Press the Windows Logo Key + F1 to open Help

Links to recommended software:

Ad-Aware 2008 (Free)- Detects and allows removal of Spy Software from your system.

AVG 8 (Free) - Anti-virus, Spam filter, firewall protection - Free version available for non-commercial users